You’ve probably dreamt about your wedding day for a long time and now you are a step closer to fulfilling your dream. He has proposed, you’ve accepted and this is the apt time to congratulate the two of you. And, this is also the time to start planning in earnest. The fact that you are reading this article is probably because you have got into the planning process. Your wedding gown, rings, guest list, invitations, bouquets, boutonnieres, bridesmaids, best man, catering, venue…..the list goes on. But have you given serious thought to having a wedding videographer Pambula document your wedding day. Sadly, some people tend to push this down their list. However, if you really want to capture every moment that is intimate and timeless, then it’s time to prioritise and search for the best wedding videography service.

What you need is a videographer capable of documenting your special day in a natural and spontaneous way. Then again, there is much more to consider before you finally select one. Your wedding video is something that will last as long as your wedding rings when it comes to cherishing those special moments. This is good reason to give much thought to what you want your wedding video to be like. Don’t just leave it up to a videographer, who really needs to know your thoughts so that he can produce something you expect. So, what does it really take to make the right choice? Is it the price, technology, the skills of the videographer, quality? The truth is all these factors come into play although price isn’t something that ought to influence your decision.
Choosing the right wedding videographer Pambula isn’t just a matter of choosing the lowest bidder. While that may work for you in the most fortunate circumstances, often, there are not many happy couples at the end of the day when their dollar-saving trip on a videographer turns out to be a nightmare. Honestly, low pricing isn’t the formula if you want a video that will enthral family and friends for years together. The key is to focus on quality. Of course, you will have to consider your budget but there are smart ways to get more bang for your buck without breaking the bank.

Wedding videos endure, and that’s no secret. It’s the only thing that brings back the emotions, laughter, music, the familiar voices, just as they were on your wedding day. You also get to share it with so many that weren’t around, including your kids. So, the wisest thing is to think of a wedding videographer as a wedding ring, something that lasts forever. And, this begins with a bit of homework so that you become an informed buyer. It doesn’t hurt to check in with as many videographers as you can. This gives you the chance to determine their craftsmanship and who suits your preferences best. The best way before you do look at samples is to visualise what you want your video to be like. This will cut out all the confusion and help choose the perfect wedding videographer Pambula for the job.

The four things to look for in a videographer are his or her skills, expertise, experience, and personality. You are most likely to choose a package that includes two cameras to cover the events at your wedding perfectly ¬¬¬¬– highly recommended – which means you have to consider two camerapersons. While experience and expertise are obvious factors, personality does form a major part of the equation. This is special day that can also be stressful if you are surrounded by people who aren’t too cooperative. Your videographers will work alongside you and must have great people skills, which is as important as their techniques and post production skills. You need someone supportive who will be willing to adapt quickly to any changes during the proceedings. Things often don’t go according to plan. Almost every wedded couple would agree with that. To judge their skills it would be prudent to view more than one or two real wedding videos they have shot recently.

Spend time evaluating each video. A lot of professional wedding videographers have websites, which makes your task much easier. This is the best way to determine how each one approach their craft. What you are looking for apart from creativity is timing, transitions from one sequence to another, visual composition, and music. Pay attention to this and you will be able to sort out the pros from the rest. Most importantly, it lets you identify styles that you like. In the process, focus on sound quality, which is as important as the picture. A distorted father-of-the-bride speech or wedding vows drowned by a sudden gust of wind is not something you would want. Professional videographers will be well equipped with microphones to handle the vagaries of the weather. The next step would be to discuss your preferences and check with some of their past clients about their experiences. The more you learn about a potential videographer the closer you are to making the right choice.

Another factor to discuss with a wedding videographer is their additional services. There may be a few elements that are not part of a package but you would love to have. One of the popular services is the creation of a ‘love story’, a short video that has you talking about how you and your fiancé met, the cause for attraction, and whatever you may wish to fill in. A photo montage with a collection of photos of right from a baby through to your engagement could also be the perfect addition to your wedding video collection.

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