Are you in the process of planning your wedding in the gorgeous town of Merimbula on the South Coast? What an awesome location and wonderful occasion to capture every moment and emotion on photo and video. There is no doubt that this is the time when you have more than a lot on your mind. Your wedding attire, guest list, invitations, flowers, catering, church, venue…. and yes, there is one thing more that some sadly assign to the bottom of their priority list, which is a wedding video. Some have a family friend do the filming but would they end up living up to your expectations –highly unlikely if they are amateurs. So, here is just one of many reasons why you ought to consider choosing the best wedding videographer Merimbula has to offer and Pristine Video Productions is just the right place to find one.

If you are a to-be-married couple sitting on the fence when it comes to choosing a professional wedding videographer, we have a good many reasons why you hop over and hire a professional. It doesn’t matter if you are on a budget; many videographers offer a range of packages to suit every need. Yes, budget is the most common excuse that some couples make but if you truly value every moment of your wedding day then you will be able to budget for a video. Besides, who won’t want to re-live those precious moments that can be best captured with sound, motion, and emotion by a wedding videographer Merimbula?

Some couples are always confused when it comes to choosing a photographer or a videographer. The best thing is to have both. Each has the potential to capture your wedding day in different light. There’s beauty in a photograph and that very same shot comes to life when captured on a video camera with all the other elements of sound, music, and motion that helps you re-live those moments to the fullest. Besides, you are guaranteed a professional video won’t have any shaky, often out of focus shots that fail to capture prime moments, with absolutely no editing. In addition, wouldn’t it be great to see and hear loved ones like your grandparents that may not be still around long after?

Now that we’ve established how photos and video play a role in putting your wedding story together it’s important to hire a professional videographer that can work alongside a photographer. Many videographers offer both services so you won’t have the hassle of having to deal with two different companies. No matter what, the key is to choose someone who works with a great degree of professionalism and won’t interfere with the others. This is something you can count on from Pristine Video Productions. So, rather than have an average run of the mill wedding video wouldn’t it be great to have a video that is stunning in its depth, captivating, and timeless in its composure? A video that can make you smile, make you laugh, make you cry…. one that brings out the romance of the occasion as well. That’s what a wedding day is all about. The best videographers have a candid and unobtrusive approach to capturing your wedding day in its entirety. And that’s what you deserve. With advances in technology, you can expect the best quality and artistic style when you hire a wedding videographer Merimbula.

Now that you may be convinced to hire a videographer it is time to find out whether your choice of venue permits videography. Some venues may require you to pay a service charge for permission. Once you have sorted this out you can go ahead and book a videographer as soon as possible. Remember, the best will always be booked well in advance, possibly the same time you reserve a venue. This also gives your videographer time to visit the venue to identify the best type of equipment to use and ideal locations to set up cameras and microphones to be as unobtrusive as possible. Reserve the best parking spot for him so that he can have quick access to equipment and move from one location to another. However, the most important aspect to discuss with your videographer is the type of ceremony and if there are any special custom that needs to be captured on camera. If you engage separate services for photography and videography make sure they are well versed with your plan and strategise to avoid any shooting conflicts.

With a professional wedding videographer you don’t have to worry about running out or batteries and tape, shaky footage, or a screen that goes blank just when you share that first kiss as man and wife. Here is your chance to treasure the story of your wedding day just as it happened. What you can be sure of is creative camera work and attention to detail that all blends seamlessly with music and special effects, a video that you are proud to share with your family and friends.

There is plenty that is involved in the production of a wedding video. Most often this involves two video cameras that shoot for as long as your ceremony and reception lasts. This is followed by editing raw footage which is transformed into a smoothly flowing story that portrays your wedding day. It’s just that one take that your wedding videographer Merimbula gets to capture your wedding day and double up as producer, director, lighting and sound technician, cinematographer, and editor. At Pristine Video Productions we are experts at producing video that you hope and deserve for. And, don’t just take our word for it. We would love to meet and give you the opportunity to go through our portfolio. We believe in letting our work speak for itself. There are probably a lot more questions on your mind right now, which we will be happy to answer. Don’t let your budget stop you from capturing your wedding day they way it should be.