A wedding with Lake Jindabyne in the backdrop. What an awesome setting that many only dream of. However, if you are the lucky couple who have decided to tie the knot in this beautiful town you ought to consider the options of engaging the services of the best wedding videographer Jindabyne has to offer. It’s never too late to hire one but the professionals are booked far in advance so you need to make up your mind as soon as possible. Your wedding day is most special and you would want to remember it in a special way for a lifetime. But if you are still contemplating the idea of hiring one, here are some truly convincing reasons why you ought to book your date with a wedding videographer as soon as possible.

Memories and missed moments

Ok, so you may have a photographer in mind. That’s great but won’t it be more exciting to relive those precious moments with sound and action. A picture may speak a thousand words but a video is what can really capture the essence of your wedding day albeit in a different way. Videography has evolved over time and you can look forward to a highly polished wedding video packed with memories for a lifetime. The day will pass by in a flash and there are many events that the bride and groom aren’t going to be aware about. Ask any married couple and they will agree. So, a wedding video is the best way to get in on all the action and relive those moments time and time again. Obviously, your groom won’t witness the bride getting ready while you won’t know much about his anxious moments until you see it on film. That’s what makes a video so special.

Feel the real mood

That first dance together, the wedding march, or those moments where you danced the fox trot with your father-in-law are something that cannot be as exciting to reminisce through photographs when compared with a video. Here is an opportunity to capture the mood and atmosphere in a truly special way. Those high definition cameras can do a great job of presenting you with an end product that is timeless and priceless.

Sound bites for life

That touching speech from your spouse or in-laws is something you would want to treasure forever. As a bride your dad is probably going to produce the speech of his lifetime, letting everyone know how proud he is of his daughter. While you will be witness to it on your wedding day, think about all those fond memories you can relive a year and even a decade or two or three down the line. This is one opportunity that you not want to pass up. Then again, there is all the laughter, the cheers, the digs that the best man may have had at the groom, and those ‘welcome to the family’ words from your in-laws that you may want to hear over and over again.

No mishaps

This is one of the most compelling reasons why you ought to consider a wedding videographer Jindabyne. Although you may wish to be as courteous as you like and agree to the request of your uncle to record your wedding day, what are the odds of a crisp and clear wedding video if he isn’t a pro? Not much. With a professional videographer by your side you can relax and really enjoy the day, knowing you are going to share those precious moments the way they should be, years down the line.

Combine photography and videography

If you don’t want to budget for both there is always the choice of picking out still images from a high definition video recording. Although each image may not be as good as one taken by a photographer it can get really close to it.

Professionals have the right equipment

It isn’t likely that your favourite uncle or cousin has a professional camera or microphones. On the contrary, professional wedding videographers make sure they have all the gear to produce high quality wedding videos. Besides, you have at least two cameras running so that every event is captured just the way it should be. It does take much more than a camera on your shoulder to produce quality video. Apart from cameras, there’s lighting gear, lapel microphones, shotgun microphones, and of course, post production to think about that requires editing skills. Remember, poor lighting could ruin your entire wedding video where memories fade away in a different way.

What about the kids and grandkids

Sharing those special moments with the kids is something that every couple loves to. And, they would definitely enjoy the journey their parents took, which eventually culminated in their birth. These are some awesome moments for everyone, which can only be truly experienced on film.

Save money

No, this isn’t a joke or a conniving way to get you to hire a wedding videographer. You can truly get to save money on your wedding video. Photographs can be as expensive and when you have a choice of video packages, you have the opportunity to work with your budget. Besides, you can’t really put a price on something that is intimate and timeless.

This is one of the biggest days in your life. Could there be reason more to hire a wedding videographer? And, when you have Pristine Video Productions as your videography service you have many more reasons to rejoice. We love weddings, and we love the thought of helping you capture those golden moments you will treasure for a lifetime. We have the all the filming equipment and the craftsmanship to turn the best footage of your wedding day into a highly polished product that you will be proud to have on your shelf. Our team of videographers and cinematographers possess more than just the experience and skills but creativity that sets us apart from the rest. No matter where you are on the south coastline or in the Canberra region, you can count on Pristine Video Productions to make your wedding day even more special.