What better setting for a splendid wedding ceremony can there be than Batemans Bay. The expansive ocean, lakes and waterways, and the mountains in the west of this wonderful region on the South Coast in New South Wales are the ideal environment for a wedding couple to exchange their vows. And what better way to capture these special moments in their entirety than with a wedding videographer Batemans Bay. Planning your wedding is the most exciting time. You look forward to one of the most precious days in your life going smoothly without a hitch. There is so much many elements that need to come together and one of the most important is your wedding video.

This may be the first time you will be with your family or even elderly grandparents in a long time. A day which they look forward to just as much as you do, which is why you need to select the most appropriate videographer. This is a day where you want to capture memories that reflect your desires and dreams. So, how do you go about choosing a wedding videographer Batemans Bay. The key characteristic to look for is professionalism. For this you will have to fix an appointment and meet in person. This gives you the chance to determine if your videographer is well organised. You don’t want someone who is overbearing, but courteous, relaxed, and articulate. This is because every videographer has his or her distinct personality that reflects on their work. Most importantly, you and your guests will feel comfortable with a professional videographer who knows how to work in the background without the slightest signs of being obtrusive.

A videographer with accreditation from the AIPP or Australian Institute of Professional Photography or Australian Video Producers Association could be just the right choice. But what is more important is experience. With experience come mastery, creativity, compositional style and skill. Make sure to choose one with a diversified wedding portfolio. Chances are you may have specific customs and religious practices that warrant a videographer with specific knowledge of these types of wedding ceremonies. Then again, there may be some sensitive issues to be addressed. The key is to work with an insightful videographer who offers you as much advice as possible. One who understands the Batemans Bay locale could bring out the best of your wedding ceremony. An experienced videographer will make sure you have the requisite permissions in case your ceremony is to be held at a venue that needs special permission for photography and video.

It takes plenty of knowledge and skills to create an exceptional wedding video and that’s what a professional wedding videographer can do. And, you don’t really get married every day, so you have every reason to have all those precious, emotional moments captured on high definition video. Speaking of emotions, you may want to understand a bit more of the different styles in videography. To begin with, you have the traditional style that offers a personal tone or homely feeling. This type of output requires, in most cases, only one camera and the least amount of editing, which makes it one of the most affordable styles when on a tight budget.

For a more professional, movie-like output you could opt for a cinematic style. Your videographer will add a great deal of special effects including sound effects and background music that could really portray you as a star on your wedding video. So, if you want him to bring out the star in you then the cinematic style is worth considering. Many couples also opt for a journalistic or documentary style where your entire wedding ceremony and reception is captured just like a documentary. This will include interviews with family and friends and, most importantly, your days of courtship. No matter what style you desire, Pristine Video Productions can help make your wedding day the most memorable one.

You are the centre of attraction at your wedding and a video allows you to share every special moment with your family, friends, the kids, and even grandchildren so you have every reason to choose a professional wedding videographer Batemans Bay. It’s all about capturing the sound, motion, and emotion of you as an individual, the couple, family, guests, and every detail that goes into the making of a successful wedding ceremony and reception. And, the good thing is you don’t have to spend a fortune. Then again, your wedding video is something priceless that you will treasure forever.

Since you aren’t looking for amateurish video do make sure to put your wedding videographer on the top of your priority list. Sadly, many people fail to do so and end up disappointed at the last moment. And when it comes to photography vs. videography, remember, these are two different art forms that bring out different aspects of an event. So, no matter what, make sure to budget for a wedding video and call in a professional.

A professional wedding videographer will know just how to work well within your given parameters. Be it a candle light dinner on one side and a dance floor filled with revellers, a professional will make sure that all the elements are taken care of without the slightest feel of a ‘prime time news’ show. That’s what sets the professionals apart from the rest and Pristine Video Productions is undoubtedly one of them. Consider us the eyes and ears for things you do not see or hear until you sit back and watch your wedding video well after your special day is over. And, we have all the gear to make that happen. From high definition cameras to wireless microphones and state of the art editing equipment, we have all that it takes to make you a happy bride. Go ahead and choose one of our packages or we could have one tailor made to suit your needs. Either way, you can count on us to deliver the best.