Life’s best moments move at an incredible pace, and your wedding day is no exception – Anyone who is married will tell you that the big day you have spent all that time planning will pass by so quickly, so make the most of it!!

My name is Stuart and I have been working professionally as a wedding and events videographer for over 8 years. Over this time I have become more aware of how fortunate I am, to be in such a positive profession surrounded by smiling faces, laughter and love. It really doesn’t get much better! I love travelling to new wedding locations, meeting new people and being able to explore my own artistic flair, through the wonderful art of film.

As well as servicing the entire south coastline, Pristine Video Productions also service Canberra and and the Southern Highlands. We are passionate about wedding videography and pride ourselves on filming unobtrusively while capturing the fine details of your special day.
Investing in all aspects of your event is obviously a must, but keep in mind that it will be in your wedding video where you will hear your bride or groom’s vows or your Father’s speech, where you will see your best friend tearing up the dance floor or the sound of cheer for your very first kiss as husband and wife.

Over the years and from the feedback from our wedded couples we have adopted three main packages, which can be customised to what you would like delivered. We strongly recommend checking out our work to see if our style is what you are after as every company is different.

If you would like to know more please send through a contact form and let us know more about your big day!



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